Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Raining...Tadpoles.

Something exciting has been occurring in Japan which started early last month. On June 4th as the rain season was quickly approaching, the Japanese civilians of Ishikawa Prefecture were stunned to find, not rain but tadpoles that have fallen from the sky. The Fortean event that has occurred is known as "fafrotskies" which simply means "fall from sky." Many explanations have been provided, but each one seems to be an unlikely cause. At first it was said that perhaps heavy storms and winds picked up the tadpoles out of the water and disbursed them on land, however meteorologist say this explanation is invalid because no storms have occurred. It was also said by some scientists that birds may be the culprit, but again bird experts say if this was the cause the tadpoles would have covered a more sizable area which was only 10 square metres.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Science vs. the Paranormal

Don't wanna take up too much room here, so I'll make this quick:

I posted an article at my Examiner page and it caused a bit of controversy in the comments section. It's called "Science vs the Paranormal." It's about the far too common problem of science looking the other way when it comes to paranormal phenomena. Feel free to check it, or any of my articles out, over at:

Did Charles Darwin Kill the Werewolf?


Our pal and yours, Nick Redfern, has posted a link on his There's Something in the Woods blog to a brief article that focuses on the topic of Darwin and Werewolves.

How are they linked, you ask?

This piece focuses on an upcoming thesis to be delivered by Brian Regal, who is the assistant professor of the history of science at Kean University in Union, New Jersey. The article reads, in part:

From the late 19th century onwards, stories of werewolf encounters tailed away significantly, says Regal. “The spread of the idea of evolution helped kill off the werewolf because a canid-human hybrid makes no sense from an evolutionary point of view,” he says. “The ape-human hybrid, however, is not only evolutionarily acceptable, it is the basis of human evolution.”

Do yourself a favor and check it out. I think he is onto something. Share your opinions below!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feral Pigs Over at Raven's Haven

I just read a post over at our pal Raven's Mysterious Haven blog about the increasing problem of feral pigs in the state of Michigan where she lives.

Do yourself (and me) and favor and check out her story HERE. Be sure to leave her a comment with opinions on just what should be done about this porky problem.

And for an added bit of zest, she recently wrote about some strange footprints she came across while on a leisurely stroll with her daughter. Just what could these prints be from?

Monday, June 15, 2009

More on the Olsen "Champ" Video

From The Anomalist:

Vermont writer Willem Lange uses a number of cryptids in his discourse on the recent footage taken by Eric Olsen of something mysterious swimming near the shore on Lake Champlain. Many think the creature in Olsen's footage is the legendary Champ, a creature Lange says deserves better images than the cartoonish creations manufactured to depict it thus far. READ MORE...


Loren Coleman observed earlier that we should have been able to come up with a ballpark figure for the length of the creature filmed by Eric Olsen on Lake Champlain. Now, with new enhanced footage that shows the wave distribution and disturbance patterns, an estimate is available. With images and several videos. READ MORE...

Have thoughts? Post below!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey, Ghosts are Fortean Too, Right?

If you are interested in ghosts, would like to see video of a purported apparition, or have heard the recent story emanating from Anderson, S.C., you may find the recent post made over at our blog, "Ghosts and Haunts," intriguing.

Read the story, see the video, and come to your own conclusion. Feel free to share your opinions!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Giant Snakes in the Amazon!

Over at Raven's Mysterious Haven, she has recently posted a blog about a father and son who claim they have unearthed definitive proof that verifies Giant Snakes living in the Amazon. It may be too good to be true, but it has certainly got our attention.

Head on over to her blog, read the story, and let her know your thoughts! And I do recommend that you check back often, as Raven always has something cooking up on over at the Haven!