Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Raining...Tadpoles.

Something exciting has been occurring in Japan which started early last month. On June 4th as the rain season was quickly approaching, the Japanese civilians of Ishikawa Prefecture were stunned to find, not rain but tadpoles that have fallen from the sky. The Fortean event that has occurred is known as "fafrotskies" which simply means "fall from sky." Many explanations have been provided, but each one seems to be an unlikely cause. At first it was said that perhaps heavy storms and winds picked up the tadpoles out of the water and disbursed them on land, however meteorologist say this explanation is invalid because no storms have occurred. It was also said by some scientists that birds may be the culprit, but again bird experts say if this was the cause the tadpoles would have covered a more sizable area which was only 10 square metres.